Dog Friendly Holidays Norfolk

If you are looking for dog friendly holidays Norfolk then look no further!  If you want to bring the whole family AND your dog with you, why not consider a stay in one of our beautiful holiday cottages in Norfolk? Get great bonuses on the site with bingo sites. Limited offer.

We believe that no dog should miss out on a family holiday, after all, they want to be as much a part of the fun, frolics and memories as you do.  That’s why we welcome up to two dogs in our cottages, so your pet doesn’t have to miss out. No dog should be left behind!

Dog friendly holidays Norfolk - your free guide
Dog friendly holidays Norfolk


We have put together this free guide full of tips to help keep your dog happy on holiday.  To ensure your pet stays safe and comfortable during travelling and throughout your stay read our tips and advice below:

Plan ahead!

Do some research on the area you will be visiting and make a list of all the dog friendly places you would like to visit.  You can also check which restaurants or cafes will welcome dogs, this makes it easier to plan your days out.

Make a list of all the things your pet will need including bedding, toys, spare leash and a dog towel!

Travelling with your dog

If your dog is not used to travelling in your car, begin taking them on some short car journeys as soon as possible.  The idea is to get them used to car travel before you go on holiday. End each car journey with a treat, or a lovely walk together.  This way your dog will associate cars with something pleasant.

Use a dog seat belt to keep your pet safe whilst driving
Use a dog seat belt to keep your pet safe whilst driving

You will need to ensure your pet is safe whilst travelling in your car.  You can use a special dog seat belt that simply attaches to the human seat belt, on the back seat of your car.  Alternatively, you can use a car crate in the back.

Your dog will need to have a walk before travel so that he can relieve himself and feel relaxed on the journey.  To avoid car sickness, do not travel with your dog straight after they have eaten. Your dog is more likely to suffer car sickness if they have a full stomach.

If your dog is an anxious car traveller you can help by using dog t-shirt or body-wrap to help them feel more secure.

Don’t forget to bring clean water and a bowl with you so that your dog can rehydrate during the journey.

Arrival at your accommodation

When you arrive at your holiday home, take your dog out of the car and introduce him to the property by showing him around on a lead.  Give your dog a good long walk to allow him to distress and tire out a little. Back at your holiday home, put his bed/blankets/toys/crate and food and water bowls in one area, so that he can understand that it is his safe space.  Your dog will no doubt be feeling a mixture of excitement, fear and stimulation from all the new sights and smells, so having a few comforts from home will help him to feel calm and secure.

A few home comforts can help your pet settle while on holiday
A few home comforts can help your pet settle while on holiday

Be sure to bring your dog’s usual brand of food with you to avoid any reaction or intolerance to a different brand.

Where should your pet sleep?

Bring your dogs bedding and or blankets and favourite toy with you, so that you can set up a comfy sleeping area in your holiday cottage.  In our cottages, dogs are not allowed upstairs, so find a suitable spot downstairs where they can get comfy. If your dog’s bed is in the kitchen at home, try and mimic this by placing their bed in the kitchen at the holiday cottage.  After a couple of days, they will be more sure of where they are expected to sleep, especially if they have their favourite blanket to lay on!

Bringing your dogs favourite blanket or toy will help them settle while on holiday
Bringing your dogs favourite blanket or toy will help them settle while on holiday

Is it safe for your dog to be off the lead?

Our holiday cottages are situated in a beautiful rural Norfolk, perfect for many country walks and adventures with your dog.  But until you get a feel for the area, keep your dog on a leash and check out local roads/amounts of traffic and see if you notice any other dogs that are allowed to roam free in the immediate area.  Make sure you are comfortable with local roads etc before you let your dog run free from the leash, or wait until you get to a dog safe area to let them run free. If your dog is visibly nervous or anxious when you take him out, keep him on the leash until he is more settled.  He can still enjoy all the new sights and smells but will be unable to run off if startled.

What are the rules for your accommodation?

Be sure to read the rules about your holiday accommodation and pets before you arrive.  Are they allowed upstairs? Are they allowed on the furniture or the beds? Is the garden secure and safe for your pet?  Are they allowed to be left alone in the property? What about any restrictions on the breed and size of dog allowed? It’s important to respect any rules that are set out by your holiday provider, to avoid any damage to property, and or minimise worries about bringing your dog on holiday.

Keeping your dog happy once on holiday

Try and mimic your usual routine at home, obviously you may be doing different activities than your usual day to day life allows at home, but try and keep mealtimes and walks to the same sort of routine your pet is used to.

Keep your dog happy by sticking to a similar feeding and walking routine as at home
Keep your dog happy by sticking to a similar feeding and walking routine as at home

Even if your accommodation allows it, avoid leaving your dog alone in the holiday property, as they could become very distressed in a new and unfamiliar environment.  This could cause them to chew or destroy furniture, or become very upset and unhappy. If you need to go out without your dog, try calling a local dog sitter/pet sitter who can watch your dog for a couple of hours.

What if your pet gets sick?

The last thing you will want to be worrying about while on holiday is a sick pet, but it can happen so it is best to be prepared.  Before you go, take your dog to the vet for a check-up and for any treatments they may need for fleas/ticks or worms etc as you may come into contact with other animals who can pass these onto your dog if not protected against them.

Make sure your dog is micro-chipped with the correct contact details.  Take a look at your pet insurance to check it covers you should your pet fall ill.

Before you go look up the local veterinary clinic and note down their address and phone number.  Keep it handy just in case your pet becomes ill whilst you are away. You will know your pet better than anyone and will have a good idea if they are suffering from more than just ‘holiday’ nerves.  If in doubt call the vet for a checkup.

Last of all don’t forget to enjoy bringing your dog on holiday!!

Don’t forget to enjoy having your dog with you to enjoy all the fun bits of your holiday.  If you plan ahead, bringing your dog on holiday can be stress-free and fun for all the family.   

We hope you found this short guide useful in planning your next holiday with your dog.  And if you are ready to book your dog friendly holiday in Norfolk, please take a look at our holiday cottages – all dog friendly – we’d love to welcome you soon!

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